Patrick Roza

I'm a full-stack software engineer; experienced in architecting, developing and leading software projects. I was born in the Netherlands and live in Munich, Germany.

I love solving complex problems in an ever changing landscape.

I'm also an entrepeneur and co-founder of SIX Networks, we create the platform to download, install, manage and share modifications for PC games.


About me


My love for computing began in the nineties, initially playing games on an Amiga 500, an Amstrad 8086, Acer 8088, 486DX, the first Pentium and so forth. As time moved on I became more and more attracted to the technical side of things and developed an intense affection for everything related to IT. In the meantime I have over fifteen years of IT experience and over ten years in all things related to software development.

Through the years I've grown from building systems to managing software and networks. To then embark on a journey of software development starting with modding computer games, to writing desktop and server apps, and then websites and apps.

I love using cutting edge technology. Remaining flexible and open minded is key to me and I pride myself in adopting many different technologies and paradigms. Constantly learning new things and evolving the way I work. Always trying to find the right tool for the job.

Now onto the leisure part..

Cappuchino I'm a big fan of the Italian coffee arts, like this nice looking (and tasting!) Cappuccino. (fav. place)

I'm also doing various aerobic sports and enjoy well written movies and complex TV series. I'm still interested in the latest developments of computer games and still play them on occasion.

My Development experiencemore_vert
My Development experienceclose

I've got a lot of experience building open-source and closed-source software.

Approaches, Patterns and Principles

  • Clean Architecture, Clean Code
  • Continues Integration (CI)
  • Command & Query Separation (CQS)
  • Command & Query Segregation (CQRS) (usually without event-sourcing)
  • Domain Driven Design (DDD)
  • Dependency Injection and Decoration
  • Domain Events
  • Functional, Object Oriented and Procedural programming
  • Mediator and EventBus patterns
  • Pub/Sub, Queues/Topics
  • SOLID principles
  • Test Driven Development

Outside the Code

  • Confluence
  • GitHub
  • Trello
  • Visual Studio Team Services
  • YouTrack


  • Detailed technical analysis, research and specification

Cloud Services

  • Amazon
  • Azure
  • Heroku


  • Bash
  • C#
  • C++ (limited)
  • Javascript/JSX, Typescript/TSX (ES5, ES2015, ES2016+)
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • PowerShell
  • SQL


I love building SPA's (Single Page Application) with the latest and greatest web technologies.


CSS3/4 and SCSS/SASS, HTML5, JS/TS (ES2015/ES2017)

  • .NET Core, ASP.Net
  • Aurelia
  • Angular
  • Django
  • GraphQL
  • React
  • Ruby on Rails
  • RequireJS/JSPM/Webpack
  • Server Side Rendering


  • GraphQL
  • Micro Services


  • .NET: ASP.NET Core, .NET Core
  • NodeJS
  • Ruby on Rails


I especially love building Desktop apps with Web technologies, but Microsoft's UI toolkits are also attractive.


  • .NET: WPF, UAP, Forms, .NET Core
  • Electron
  • NodeJS
  • Ruby
My Network, System and Software Management experiencemore_vert
My Network, System and Software Management experienceclose

I have extensive experience with both on-premises as well as remote (cloud) deployments and management.

Edge Security, Endpoint Security, routing, directory and domain services


  • Microsoft Windows Desktop and Server, Exchange, DPM, System Center
  • Linux: Debian/Ubuntu, CentOS
My Heroes in ITmore_vert
My Heroes in ITclose

These are the people (and their projects, books and blogs) who inspire me and made me write better software: